The Faculdade De Odontologia De Ribeirao Preto


USP is the largest university in Brazil and one of the most prestigious higher education and research institutions in Latin America.

USP first school, the Law School, was established in 1827 and the University was founded in 1934 upon the unification of several pre-existing schools.

USP is located in the State of Sao Paulo, the richest and most developed region of Brazil, with many campuses distributed over eight cities as follows: Bauru, Lorena, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirao Preto, Sao Carlos, Santos and Sao Paulo.

USP academic structure is organized into Forty-Two Schools, Six specialized Institutes and Four important Museums.

USP has quickly achieved a leading role in many different fields as a research center and is responsible for around 20% of all Brazilian academic output.

USP, as a Public University, does not charge its students for tuition fees.

USP number of students is exceeding Eleven Thousand newcomers per year, selected among more than One Hundred Thirty Thousand Students.

USP number of undergraduate and postgraduate students is exceeding Ninety Thousand, the academic teaching-staff number around Nine Thousand of which 87% have full-time employment contracts.  

USP in QS World University Rankings is number One Hundred Eighteen.

USP in QS University Rankings in Latin America is number Two.

USP in QS World University Rankings, Dentistry Subject is number Fifteen.

Means of Academic Collaborations Between USP & CUC

  • A Letter of Intent has been elaborated between the two parties, stating the interest of USP, Department of Stomatology, Public Health & Forensic Dentistry (FORP DESCOL) School of Dentistry Ribeirao Preto, to perform future cooperation projects with CUC, and signed by USP Acting President & Coordinator of International Academic Agreement.
  • An International Academic Agreement has been written between the USP, Faculdade De Odontologia De Ribeirao Preto and CUC School of Oral Surgery & Dental Medicine for the promotion of academic cooperation as regards the Exchange of Students, the Exchange of Teaching-Staff, Researchers, Members of the Technical Administrative Staff, and signed by the USP, Faculdade De Odontologia De Ribeirao Preto Dean. This Agreement has also been approved by the USP, Faculdade Council on the 8th of March, 2019.