The University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU)


UBA was founded in 1821 and it is one of the largest universities of higher education in Latin America.

UBA is a famous patriot nation that produced CHE GUEVARA the national hero and others.  It is also deemed an international center point that produce teaching staff, vocational trainings, advisors and tutors, as well as researchers.

UBA comprises several faculties such as Art & Design, Agriculture, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Economics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology.

UBA produced Five Nobel Prize Winners, Two in Peace, Two in Physiology and One in Chemistry.

UBA in QS World University Rankings is number Seventy-Three.

UBA in QS University Rankings in Latin America is number Eight.

UBA in QS World University Rankings, Art & Design Subject is number Eighteen.

Means of Academic Collaborations Between UBA & CUC

  • A Letter of Intent has been elaborated between the two parties stating the interest of UBA, FADU to perform future cooperation projects with CUC, and signed by UBA, FADU Secretariat of International Relations.
  • Three Cooperation Agreements have been written between the two parties for General Academic Tasks, Teaching- Staff Exchange and Students Exchange, and signed by the Dean of UBA, FADU in both languages English and Spanish. Lately, these Agreements are about to be authorized by the UBA Relevant personnel in the International Cooperation Department as well as by the UBA University Council.