The Arab Union for Human Resources Development (UHRDA), Accredited Partner Centre of the British NCC Education in Egypt.


UHRDA is the Accredited Partner Centre of the British NCC Education.  The UHRDA role is demonstrated in the British NCC Education website.

UHRDA, as being the Accredited Partner Centre of the British NCC Education, has made two academic cooperation agreements with Beni-Sweif University and Suez-Canal University in Egypt.

The British National Computing Centre (NCC) Education


  • NCC Education is a Leading Awarding Body of British Education, founded in 1966 as a global provider of promoted British educational qualifications, having majors in Computing, Business, Information Technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT).
  • NCC Education offers Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Diploma in the majors mentioned above, within over Sixty high ranked universities in the UK and overseas including Canada, USA & Australia, operating on the British credit system and curriculums. Some of these high ranked universities are cited below:

Birmingham City University

UC Berkeley College

London Metropolitan University

Oxford Brookes University

Manchester Metropolitan University

University of Greenwich

CQ University in Australia

University of Leeds

Cardiff University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Heidelberg University

The University of Liverpool

York University in Canada

Means of Academic Collaborations Between UHRDA of British NCC Education and CUC

  • An Academic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been written between UHRDA the Accredited Partner Centre of the British NCC Education in Egypt and CUC. Accordingly, CUC will be followed by the British NCC Education supervision and will apply the same NCC Education discipline in credit hour system, curriculum, exams, teaching-staff conditions, methods of evaluation and quality assurance.
  • CUC, accordingly, will be classified within the group list of high ranked universities applying the British system in education worldwide.
  • CUC students will then be granted a Bachelor’s Degree at any affiliated university applying the British System accredited by the NCC Education and recognized worldwide.
  • CUC, as being enlisted within the accredited high ranked universities, will have the opportunity to accept the admission of several local and expatriate newcomers that have set plans before to complete whether their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the UK.