In compliance with the Egyptian President’s directives towards the necessity of performing protocols for twinning programs with top ranked universities worldwide, and this keen interest to uphold the quality of education in Egypt in order to pursue the accelerated development in several fields in the business market, CUC vision, in return, would seek a highest degree of excellence for its students, academic staff and researchers.  In addition, CUC will be adherent to the qualifications given to the student via innovation & scientific thinking elements and via the latest in education and technology.  This would result in implementing the quality assurance conditions.  CUC is also keen to offering diverse specialized programs adaptable to the crucial demand in the labor market.

In that concern, CUC strategy depends on the establishment of new academic programs under the umbrella of joint or dual degree granted in many fields of study whether science or literature or art.  The formation of a CUC Council of scholars & experts is made for further and ongoing communications with the top ranked universities worldwide and for the preparation of primary consents such as letters of intent or memorandums of understanding.

Within the recent period of time, CUC has implemented some academic cooperation agreements as follows:


  • The Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio De Mesquita Filho (UNESP), in Brazil
  • The University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

  • Universidade De Sao Paulo (USP)

  • UHRDA Education International