Official Accreditation

City University of Cairo “CUC” had obtained the approval of the Private & National Universities’ Council, through Session Resolution No.29, dated the 3rd of March, 2014, stating the acceptance of the CUC project establishment comprising seven schools of different studies.

The Minister of Higher Education confirmed that above noted Resolution and forwarded an official writing together with a Presidential Decree Draft to the attention of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.

CUC project, after being presented at the Prime Minister’s Meeting, obtained the approval at Session No.5, dated the 27th of March, 2014 as regards the establishment of the University.  Accordingly, the CUC file was forwarded to the Presidential Cabinet together with the Presidential Decree Draft for further final Presidential Decree issuance.

In 2sd of Febreuary, 2020, the Presidential Decree no.52 concerning the establishment of the Univeisty was issued.