The CUC in New  Heliopolis City is a national development university derives its objectives from the idea of ​​comprehensive development by focusing on the human resources represented in the university education and scientific research to prepare distinguished graduates depending on the rapid development achieved by most of the world through scientific and technological progress which in turn affects the national investment and development movement in the

Egyptian society and its Arab and African surroundings in all the different sectors of industry, agriculture, mining, energy, health, and others ...

It is a university that does not mainly target financial profits for its owners and investors, on the contrary, it aims at the first level to be a new and distinctive academic foundation that benefits the community members including students, professors, researchers, administrators, workers of the university or the ordinary community of citizens with all the benefits, prosperity, and development.

The CUC project aims at creating the opportunity to achieve high-quality university education serving a large segment of students led by the outstanding students who are motivated by affording them scholarships at the university.

The university also aims to extend bridges of cooperation with the African brothers by attracting African students and encouraging them through scholarships and treating them as Egyptian students.

Also, the university aims to provide the country, and the Arab and African countries with its needs of specialists in the fields of professional, technical, and applied fields through its faculties, departments, research units whether through high university education for the community services or to achieve the human, economic and social development in Egypt and Arab and African people, in addition to holding conferences and seminars to serve wide sectors in the industry, scientific and laboratory research for their implementation.

The CUC aims to announce its general policy and strategic plans by focusing on the diversity of education styles including academic education, distance learning, technical education, developing the internet networks, and the interest in software and future sciences related to digitalization and robotics in various fields. The university aims to activate the role of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Administration that will be established at the university according to global accredited standards depending on a periodic opinion poll of faculty members, administrators, and employees as well as a survey about the students as recipients' opinions of the educational service.