The City University of Cairo

The City University of Cairo (CUC) is an Egyptian private university established and operated according to the provisions of law no. 12 of 2009 of the private and national universities in Egypt and the executive regulations that were issued under the Presidential Decree no. 302 of the year 2010.

The CUC will be constructed on Egyptian land in the framework of the State tendency to expand the establishment of private universities in order to be a tributary of higher education in Egypt, and contribute to increasing its capacity. Based upon that, the Council of Private and Public Universities issued decree no. 29 dated 3/ 3/2014 recommending the approval of the request for the establishment of this university according to the results of the reports of the technical committees. Among the provisions governing this university is that it has an independent legal personality and the consequent that it has a special budget that determines its revenues and expenses and how to distribute its surplus activities.

The establishment decree of the CUC has been approved by The Minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr./ Weal El-Degwy and sent its sovereignty book accompanied by a draft of the Republican resolution to his Excellency Mr. Prime Minister / Ibrahim Mahlab on the 17thof March 2014 for issuing a final republican decree before starting the establishment process. After that, it got the approval of the Egyptian Cabinet in its session no. 5 which was held on the 27th of March 2014, and these approvals were announced in the visual media and the official newspapers of the same date. Finally, It got the presidential decree no. 53 dated on 2/2/2020 concerning the establishment of a private university named" City University of Cairo".

The CUC landscape is located at New Heliopolis City at the 46thkm Cairo-Suez Desert Road between El-Shorouk City at the 44thkm and The City of Badr at the 46.5th km, and its address is plot no. 1 north services, the 9th District, New Heliopolis City Division. It covers an area of 95583.88 square meters within the allocated area for the usage of educational services land (universities) in accordance with the landscape design of the city and commitment to all the requirements of building specifications for such educational purposes for which the land was bought in addition to the applicable provisions of the organizing laws of construction that are mentioned law no. 3 for the year 1982 of planning the urban settlements, and law no. 106 of 1976of directing and organizing the constructions amended by the act no. 356 for the year 1977 and their executive regulations.

The land was bought from Heliopolis Housing and Development Company- a subsidiary of the National Company for Construction and Development – that is considered one of the leading Egyptian joint-stock companies in the administration of housing, construction, land preparation, and dividing, and providing them with the facilities and services since its establishment on the 14thof Feb. 1906, and it is currently working on comprehensive projects of urban development outside the suburb of Heliopolis to contribute to the growing and necessary construction movement to cope with the overcrowding of the Egyptian cities.

CUC consists of five faculties in both practical and theoretical fields as follows:

  • The Faculty of Physiotherapy.
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
  • The Faculty of Mass Communication.
  • The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
  • The Faculty of Arts and Design.

 CUC is targeting the establishment of research units to serve the Egyptian community, the countries of the Middle East, and the countries of the African continent

as follows:

  • The Medical and Pharmaceutical SciencesResearch Unit
  • The Animal Lab
  • The Engineering and Technology Research Unit
  • The Economic and Political Research Unit
  • The Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Research Unit
  • The African Research and Studies Unit.
  • The Media Research Unit
  • The Energy and Natural Resources Applications Unit
  • The Minor Projects and Recruitment Unit
  • The Publishing and Translation Research Unit
  • The Public Opinion Research Unit
  • The Postgraduate Studies and Researches Unit

CUC has three main duties that reflect a strong commitment towards the processes of education, academic research, and community service through its applied development and ecological program in order to provide the production foundations with a highly-skilled graduate who enjoys perfect performance talents, thus, it achieves the balance between its outcomes and the needs of the different sectors of business. The university also aims, through its educational programs, to achieve sustainable development goals and create a generation of Arab and African youth capable of adapting to the developments taking place in the world.

As for the academic research at the CUC, it will be mainly depending on practical applications in its nature and trends so that it provides practical solutions for the issues of industry and production through co-operative research programs that all reflect their results and interact with the needs of the community service as the university will maintain a special sector for the community service including a center for industry researches, and another for production researches, etc. It will enable a number of experts and men of industry, economy, and business to share in the planning aspects of the university, finding solutions to the problems that hinder the development process in the local community and also in Arab and African societies, and participate in the fields of research and training to provide the students with co-operative learning opportunities.

The strategic framework of the CUC relies on the importance of keeping university activities serving the development of the city where its headquarters is located in New Heliopolis City and the cities and urban communities surrounding it. Being established among universities that were previously established in the same zone imposes a greater challenge on the CUC to achieve a new specific and unique position among the top universities in the advanced countries. Above all, one of its most important aims is to provide an integrated time plan that fits the realistic planning and basic trends of the policy of education in Egypt and in support of development efforts in the Arab and African countries.